NYC ex-pat illustrator now living in Japan (actually now I'm back in the States), I mostly do editorial illustration for a bunch of different magazines. Here's some of my latest stuff. To see more check out


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Poster done for this year’s Beacon Independent Film Festival. It just keeps getting better and better.

Man, I love my hometown of Beacon, NY! So many fun, creative things happening. Here’s a poster I made for the screening of a great little indie movie that’s all about, well… making indie movies. It’s really smart and funny. Glad to have done it.

Here’s the poster I designed for a local showing of Mystery Train. A classic bit of #80’s #movie culture 

Here’s a really fun, overnight rush assignment for the Wall Street Journal, illustrating 14 movie memes for the upcoming Fall season. The brief was to create fun, irreverent infographic-y looking spots. Loved this job. Art direction by Manny Velez.

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