NYC ex-pat illustrator now living in Japan (actually now I'm back in the States), I mostly do editorial illustration for a bunch of different magazines. Here's some of my latest stuff. To see more check out


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Epic sketch. For an equally epically sad state of affairs. Too bad I never got to take it to final… This was the preliminary sketch for an illustration that was meant for the annual report of an international charity. Unfortunately, it didn’t make the cut and the final illustration was a much simpler, and in my opinion, much less effective solution. Ah well…

Just in time for Thanksgiving… How to cook your holiday turkey, NASA style. Commissioned by Gizmodo. Dang, but I had fun with this one.

Original illo In context

In honor of Felix Baumgartner’s record breaking jump, here’s an oldie but a goodie I did for Outside magazine. That’s some crazy stuff right there.

Pleased as punch to be included in “Data Visualization”, produced out of Hong Kong by dowork publishing. I’m in some great company there and I highly recommend, for anyone interested in infographics, to pick up a copy.

A series of infographics done for BankDirector magazine, a financial services publication. I worked with AD John Robertson of Robertson Design.

Another commission for American Cowboy magazine. I’m so tickled this magazine exists… I love these gigs. This one is for a how-to on panning for gold. There’s gold in them thar hills! get it!

WIRED Italian edition LOL Cat spread LOL Cat spot more LOL Cat spots

Again with the LOL Cats…!! The Italian edition of WIRED went all funny and asked if they could reuse my previously commissioned illo of cats vs. lasers, plus some additional original spot illustrations. Love how they incorporated the illo on the opening spread. And psyched that the editors deemed the article cover worthy. LOL.

Get your move on. Here’s a (small) sampling of the numerous exercise illustrations I’ve been doing lately. You’d think I’d be in better shape after having done so many, but alas, that’s not how it works.

Sometimes I just I love the printed image. Here’s a piece I did for Fast Company magazine about fresh squeezed(!?!) soda. I’m just really pleased with the way it appears on the page.

Another commission done for Architect magazine. For an article detailing how the housing boom of the past decade was actually a boom in land prices, not the total amount of homes sold or their increasing size. This is more of a faux infographic than anything else, but it was a fun approach to take and hopefully an efficient way of communicating the main thrust of the article.

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