NYC ex-pat illustrator now living in Japan (actually now I'm back in the States), I mostly do editorial illustration for a bunch of different magazines. Here's some of my latest stuff. To see more check out


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I’m no sexpert, but these don’t look like what I’m seeing happening at the Sochi Olympics… layout by Cosmo, sexy sexy art business by me.

NED 210 wants you to shoot yourself in your face

Presenting THE SECRET TOWEL. For your #laffs and #giggles.

Just in time for Thanksgiving… How to cook your holiday turkey, NASA style. Commissioned by Gizmodo. Dang, but I had fun with this one.

Here’s a really fun, overnight rush assignment for the Wall Street Journal, illustrating 14 movie memes for the upcoming Fall season. The brief was to create fun, irreverent infographic-y looking spots. Loved this job. Art direction by Manny Velez.

USA! #1!… Yay? I did these 2 lovely examples of America’s obesity epidemic for a commission of Architect magazine’s article about the Great Recession and the still sky-rocketing rates of obesity in the US.

WIRED Italian edition LOL Cat spread LOL Cat spot more LOL Cat spots

Again with the LOL Cats…!! The Italian edition of WIRED went all funny and asked if they could reuse my previously commissioned illo of cats vs. lasers, plus some additional original spot illustrations. Love how they incorporated the illo on the opening spread. And psyched that the editors deemed the article cover worthy. LOL.

In all it’s gory, er, glory I present… the Exploded Chicken! done for Bloomberg BusinessWeek magazine. When AD Shawn Hasto asked me to do an exploded chicken, how could I refuse? It’s for an article about how consumers in emerging markets are increasingly adopting the developed worlds preference for only white meat, leaving chicken producers with a growing glut of unwanted dark chicken meat.

it’s an illustration, it’s an infographic, it’s an exploding chicken! 

Meant to post this already… this is an alternative take on the Green Machine opener I posted about bit earlier. It didn’t fly with the AD although I rather liked it. It’s all good though, as now I’ve turned it into a poster. Get one for your daily grind. All bow down before the Mighty Toaster!

Twitter cover fail… from the killed department. I was contacted with a super-duper rush job to work up a few ideas for a cover illustrations about Twitter’s current management team. It was fun chance to play around with character design, something I don’t normally get to do outside of my Nanibird stuff. But, in the end, the editors decided to go in a different direction. Fail whale? Nah, I’m still getting paid to do fun stuff n__n

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