NYC ex-pat illustrator now living in Japan (actually now I'm back in the States), I mostly do editorial illustration for a bunch of different magazines. Here's some of my latest stuff. To see more check out


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I’m no sexpert, but these don’t look like what I’m seeing happening at the Sochi Olympics… layout by Cosmo, sexy sexy art business by me.

Be Your Own EMT. Illustrations done for Men’s Fitness. This was a seriously fun assignment.

Quick commission for @Newsweek, well the iPad edition actually. Happy that they are commissioning original artwork! Thanks guys.

BTW, how DOES one best showcase an illustration done for the iPad? Because screen grabs seem pretty suboptimal.

Original illo In context

In honor of Felix Baumgartner’s record breaking jump, here’s an oldie but a goodie I did for Outside magazine. That’s some crazy stuff right there.

Here’s a really fun, overnight rush assignment for the Wall Street Journal, illustrating 14 movie memes for the upcoming Fall season. The brief was to create fun, irreverent infographic-y looking spots. Loved this job. Art direction by Manny Velez.

Olympic fever! Right? …maybe not. Recently did a bunch of spot illos for Canadian Business magazine about the insane lengths organizers in London have gone to protect Olympic “brand cohesion” during the 2012 games. And some of the even more ridiculous attempts to circumnavigate those restrictions.

Here’s a bunch of little spot illos I did a few weeks back for Newsweek. They were for an article about Internet addiction.

USA! #1!… Yay? I did these 2 lovely examples of America’s obesity epidemic for a commission of Architect magazine’s article about the Great Recession and the still sky-rocketing rates of obesity in the US.

Received in the mail a copy of LIFETIME magazine, put out by Omega watch. I’d done a bunch of tiny, little spot illos for their 2012 Olympic issue, which has the most AMAZING spot varnish cover! Totally deluxe. And it even glows in the dark! Very pleased to be included, even in a tiny way, with such a cool publication.

Ladies riding bicycles, a few breezy little spot illustrations I did for the Australian edition of Women’s Health. Fun!

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