NYC ex-pat illustrator now living in Japan (actually now I'm back in the States), I mostly do editorial illustration for a bunch of different magazines. Here's some of my latest stuff. To see more check out


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Opener and a few spots done for the now, sadly defunct, Macworld magazine.


Thanks to MCKIBILLO for the show poster!

My pleasure!

Beta testing MirrorMe, Astute Graphics latest plug-in for Adobe Illustrator and I came up with this freaky insect inspired cluster funk. This is SUCH a fun tool and really leads to a lot of experimental playing around. The plug-in should be dropping any day now.

Rock you like a hurricane. A new poster I did for Rock Band Boot Camp. Throw up some horns yo. #rocknroll

Poster done for a local showing of short films. Part of the #Beacon Independent #Film Festival

Be Your Own EMT. Illustrations done for Men’s Fitness. This was a seriously fun assignment.

Venture Capitalism for Spy Games by mikesolita on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Fortune // May 20, 2013
Illustration by McKibillo

This was a super rush job for Mike over at Fortune magazine. From sketch to finish in about 4 hrs. Personal Best!

SO happy with this giant archival quality print! Yay!

London Calling by The Clash is an excellent album, so I jumped at the chance to do this poster for a local event, the Rock Band Boot Camp. It’s kind of like band camp for adults… but with less hot flute action, one hopes.

Here’s the poster I designed for a local showing of Mystery Train. A classic bit of #80’s #movie culture 

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