NYC ex-pat illustrator now living in Japan (actually now I'm back in the States), I mostly do editorial illustration for a bunch of different magazines. Here's some of my latest stuff. To see more check out


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I’m no sexpert, but these don’t look like what I’m seeing happening at the Sochi Olympics… layout by Cosmo, sexy sexy art business by me.

Man, I love my hometown of Beacon, NY! So many fun, creative things happening. Here’s a poster I made for the screening of a great little indie movie that’s all about, well… making indie movies. It’s really smart and funny. Glad to have done it.

Poster done for the annual Beacon Open Studios when the best and brightest of my hometown let you peek inside their creative lairs.


Thanks to MCKIBILLO for the show poster!

My pleasure!

One for the Tribe! Fun poster I did for Rhythm and Jews. The name says it all.

Showtime! here’s the poster I just finished up for the Beacon Independent Film Festival. And here’s the photo that inspired it. There’s some History ‘round these parts. Come and visit for a spell. And check out some excellent films while you’re here!

You should check out the My post I just made. I hope you like it. It's an edit I did of your picture.


Hey very cool! Thanks for letting me know.

Beta testing MirrorMe, Astute Graphics latest plug-in for Adobe Illustrator and I came up with this freaky insect inspired cluster funk. This is SUCH a fun tool and really leads to a lot of experimental playing around. The plug-in should be dropping any day now.

Rock you like a hurricane. A new poster I did for Rock Band Boot Camp. Throw up some horns yo. #rocknroll



Okay Tumblr, this is your chance to do something really awesome. The young man in the photo there is called Mees, he’s almost 2 years old, he lives in the Netherlands and he has cancer.  

Mees has been so brave up to now, he has a tumour that has grown from his bottom, through his pelvis to his tummy.  Mees’ parents, Jan and Inge, are an amazing couple, full of positivity and love.  Mees has been having treatment at his local hospital for 2 months, Mees calls it his ‘second home’, his bed on wheels is a ‘car bed’ and all the tubes and wires attached to him are antennae, Mees likes to play robots.

Things have gotten serious, and now Mees, Jan and Inge need to travel to the Florida Proton Institute in Jacksonville, Fl, USA for radiation treatment.  Medical insurance is covering a lot of expenses but we (that’s all of us Tumblr, for Mees) have to raise another 30,000 Euros to cover the rest and ensure that both Jan and Inge can travel with Mees.

Mees’ father, Jan, is a member of our illustration collective The Mighty Pencil, so we have come together and launched a set of feelgood greetings cards, inspired by Mees, Jan and Inge. You can buy a pack of cards and, if you’re able, add a further donation to your order on our website.


You can find further information on the foundation for Mees on FORMEES.NL.

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